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Below are some of the FAQ people start to ask when considering attending Sex Camp – If you think of any others – shoot us an email :)

So, Is it going to be one big weekend Orgy?

No! Sex camp is a place to explore all the different facets of sexuality and not just about getting our rocks off. Sex Camp is a place for conscious exploration, discussion, experience and learning. None of the workshops will require direct sexual contact. Of course sex camp will be a great place to meet like minded people, but if your main goal in coming is to pick up – we suggest you go elsewhere or readjust your intentions – sex starts with your relationship to yourself!


What kind of people go to Sex Camp?

Everyone and anyone (over the age of 18) is welcome at Sex Camp it’s a space for Tantrics, spiritualists, Yogi’s, BDSM players, kinksters, married couples, gay, straight, bi, trans, swingers, monogamists, poly-amorists, young single etc etc etc. The crowd is unique and varied with a sense of openness and acceptance permeating the weekend. Please feel welcome no matter your orientation or relationship status! All the workshops are suitable for all – there will be something for everyone and maybe things you didn’t even know were for you!


What’s the format?

Campers can begin to arrive from 2.30pm onwards on the Friday afternoon to set up camp, settle into the environment and drop in.

Dinner will be served up at 6.30pm and opening ceremony, welcome and evening activities will commence at 8pm it is essential that everyone be present for the opening (including presenters) – this is part of creating and opening a strong container for the weekend journey together.

Saturday and Sunday during the day will run with various workshops, discussions, presentations and film screenings with small breaks in between as well as a lunch served in the middle of the day. We will have ‘Big Tent’ Sessions where we all come together for a particular event – we can then decide to go off to a sharing circle – a practical workshop

Saturday evening will have dinner, performances and some special activities and ritual planned.

Sunday will finish with dinner at 6.30 and a closing circle with Sex Camp officially closing at 8pm Sunday night – for those that are not ready to leave you can choose to stay over sunday for a sleepover if you wish!

Can I arrive late, like on the Saturday?

No. We ask that all attendees have arrived by the opening circle at 8pm Friday – if you do not attend this then you cannot attend sex camp – there will be no late arrivals and we will adhere to this request. This is ensure that we are all on the same page together and the emotional container for the weekend is opened and agreed upon together. We ask that participants commit to being present the entire weekend without coming and going – this holds the group energy and the container which makes the weekend so potent- The gates will be locked but  you can see one of the volunteers if there is any kind of urgency emergency that you need to attend to – we open the gate a few times during the weekend for these exceptions.


What other measures are in place to ensure a safe space?

Ultimately sexuality can stir the emotional pot and although we can’t predict and control everything when it comes to human beings – we are doing all we can to create a safe and solid container for sex camp, that allows all emotions and expressions to be healthily expressed and experienced throughout the weekend – having all attendees at sex camp together for the first evening of activities and introductions is vital to this as well as the following;

Having quiet, intentionally set spaces for people to go when they need some alone or processing time – we will have qualified counselors around for support as well as a little crew of ESP’s (emotional support people) who can be there for you if you need them.

Remember – every workshop, exercise, conversation, experience is OPTIONAL – you do not have to do anything you don’t feel like doing – we encourage the healthy pushing of your own boundaries but ultimately the choice is yours and this will be honored and we ask you honor this in your fellow campers as well.


What not to bring

- Alcohol or illicit drugs. We ask that this be a drug and alcohol free event keeping you as clear in your actions and decisions as possible.

- Generators  (limited campervan space available if required – please verify in booking)

- No fires – we have tea and coffee facilities as well as all meals provided for.

- No pets.

- Video Cameras or recording devices

- Your children (Although we are advocates for sex education for young people, this will be an 18 + event – so start booking your babysitter!)


What to bring

- All your camping gear – Bedding, tents, flashlight etc

- Weather appropriate clothing – umbrella, raincoat, sunscreen, hat – it will be Summer but this is Melbourne!

- If you have chosen a dorm room then please bring your own sheet, pillow and sleeping bag.

- An open mind and heart

-  A cushion and blanket to create your own comfy space at workshops.

- A yoga mat if you have one, or a towel to lie on.

- Different clothes a costumes for dress ups.

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