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Belinda Bailey – Camp Counsellor


Belinda is a qualified Transpersonal Counsellor, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Life Coach, Yoga instructor, and shamanic healer. She has been assisting people to find meaning in their life, heal their past, and step fully into the present with clear visions of who they are and what they want now since 1999. Belinda began her own personal journey of healing and self-exploration after a difficult childhood with familial breakdowns, abuse, and illness in the family.  Unsure of where to go for help as a teenager, she turned inward and began to ask the big questions of Why and who am I anyway?

This self-enquiry was followed by a meaningful peak experience for her where she thankfully experienced a break through where she could otherwise, easily have suffered a breakdown.

Through reading, meditating, questioning, dancing, painting, and asking many questions of many teachers, she discovered a deeper meaning to life.  She discovered the immovable, unchangeable essence of who we truly are…which she calls ‘Life.’ 

In addition to healing and guiding people through Life Now, Belinda is also a professional dancer and continues to cultivate and share her creative passion in Australia and the globe.  For her, Life and creativity are synonymous and she believes that the purpose of life is to give expression to it through creativity and joy.

Mark Tolley – Camp Counsellor

Mark is a registered psychotherapist, counsellor, and hypnotherapist. He also has a passion for body and energy work such as massage and reiki. Mark has been in private practice in Central Victoria for 10 years following a previous career as an outdoor educator and adventure based leader. Mark is the current president of the Association of Solution Oriented Counsellors and Hypnotherapists Australia and enjoys facilitating a variety of workshops offering professional and personal development for other therapists.

Mark has practiced the Toaist arts of Tai Chi, meditation, and Nei Gong for over 20 years and more recently Tantra. He enjoys music, dance, climbing, skiing, and spending time with his teenage boys.


Do you want to be part of the Sex Camp team for 2013?

We need passionate people with skills in organization, events, volunteering, management, logistics, media, advertising promotion, stage management, administration, sponsorship or anything else you feel you could bring to the team and just a passion and commitment to be involved in some way!

You are welcome to a first meeting so we can all meet each other, connect, get clear on roles, responsibilities, visions, ideas, inspiration, concepts for the next

event happening in February.It is my vision to create a really great, committed, relaxed, connected community team vibe this year to hold the space for what looks like is going to be an even bigger and richer event than the first.

Preference is that you attended the first Sex Camp, but not necessary.

Please email to RSVP for the meeting – The tentative date is
Monday, 29 October 2012 at 6pm held TBA inner city melbourne  -

Please  stating your name, experience, skills, your relatistic  level of contribution (i.e lead up, bigger role or weekend volunteer) why you want to be involved and contact number

Look forward to meeting you!



The first Sex Camp was an amazing success! With close to 200 guests – it was a powerful, nurturing, connected, loving and expansive weekend for many – Check out some fantastic testimonials, personal accounts and blogs written by some of the attendees here.


So after a bit of a hiatus from the slightly burnt out organiser, we are now beginning to gear up for the next one – this time is will be held in february 2013 – so warmer weather for us to relax into our bodies and (hopefully) the sunshine.


Tickets and more information will be announced soon!



Who is She?

The Pink TeePee offers a safe, nurturing and sacred space at festivals for woman to retreat, laugh, cry, hold and be held by other woman.  The inspiration for the Pink TeePee came through Prem Jaya Jo Laurie who felt the call for such a space and since the TeePee’s birth in 2010, hundreds of women have held, and been held, within her womblike walls.

While festivals are often a time for connection and celebration they can also give rise to feelings of unease and trigger aspects of ourselves that are challenging and confronting; requiring quiet time for reflection and/or healing… The Pink TeePee fills this need that we all have from time to time.

Primarily, the Pink TeePee provides open space and space held by women who are versed in the arts of supporting sisters.  That said, the TeePee herself has been filled with healing energy and holds all who enter her flaps with gentle loving care.  From time to time, the Pink TeePee will host workshops that support the deepening, embodiment and recalaimation of inner feminine wisdom and power; supporting women to connect with a deep sense of strength and safety within.

So, if you need some time out… someone to talk to… if you are a breastfeeding mother and would like quiet space to nourish your little ones… or if you would simply like to bask in the presence of other women… please come and visit us.

Who is She?

The Pink TeePee travels to a variety of Australian Festivals and has graced the presence of Rainbow Serpent, Yoga Camp, Confest and the Seven Sisters Festival.

To find out where she will be next visit her facebook group “The Pink TeePee”.  For more information, to get involved or to ask a question, send us a message on the group page.

Sean Ofaolain

Sean holds strong presence and provides a safe compassionate space for healing. He welcomes and accepts without judgement all aspects of each
individual and respectfully helps guide them on their own journey of healing and self discovery.

His vision is to live in a sex positive world, where each individual feels fully empowered to live to their full potential as a sexual being. He understands that our true authentic power has its roots in our sexuality and that this power has been repressed due to thousands of years of societal and cultural shaming. He is passionate about creating this world view and holding space for individuals to reclaim their birthright as self empowered sexual beings.

He has been studying Tantra and Sacred Sexuality intensively for the last five years, is a qualified Tantra Teacher, Sacred Sexuality Practitioner, and a Sexuality and Intimacy Coach and has studied under many of the great teachers in this field. However, Sean’s greatest teacher has been his own journey and life experience and the wisdom he has gained over the years from the many different teachers and situations he has encountered. He discovered yoga and meditation in his early teens and has been practicing both of these for over twenty years. This practice has opened him to the awareness, understanding, presence and compassion required for supporting others. He has also been initiated into the Mankind Project, and sits in circle regularly with his fellow brothers holding space and supporting each other on their journey of healing and self development.

Sean is currently working as a Tantric Healer, Bodyworker, Sexuality and Intimacy Coach, and Intuitive Counsellor. He is passionate about his life’s work and is currently studying Transpersonal Counselling at Phoenix Institute to give him greater skills in serving the unique needs of each individual.

A few of you have expressed concern about it possibly being too cold for Sex Camp!

As it is Melbourne in autumn, we cannot really predict the weather – but rest assured the workshop spaces are indoor with some of them even having open fires – you can choose a cosy dorm option to sleep in and you get hot meals, cups of tea and spend your weekend getting to know a big group of warm hearted people. Definitely bring some warmer clothes particularly for the mornings – but we endeavour to make Sex Camp as comfortable for you as possible!





Have lots of connections? Good at talking to people? Feel passionate about what Sex Camp is offering?

We have some great incentives for those that are good at spreading the word and getting people along.

This event is going to be amazing and the more excited, passionate and curious people knowing about it the better.

Please contact us at to find out more about how to become a promoter, what’s involved and what you and your friends get for it!








Shannon Brown, Counsellor and Psychotherapist B.A, Dip Trans Couns.


Shannon provides safe, non-judgmental and compassionate counseling that is honoring of each individual’s unique personal experience.


Shannon believes that our complex relationship to sexuality is informed by our deep stirrings and primal urges towards connection; while being complicated by deep societal and personal shame, complex emotions and various traumatic life events.


She understands that sexuality is a primary aspect of our lives and central to one’s sense of self and is passionate about supporting people to live their personal truth.


Shannon has several years experience providing emotional support and counselling to women through her ongoing work at WIRE (Women’s Information and Referral Exchange) covering topics such as sexual assault, domestic violence and personal crises. She is a trained doula and runs her own Counselling / Psychotherapy practice in Camberwell Victoria. She also provides workshops on identity, sacred sexuality and core emotions. Visit her website for more details.   (


Ultimately yes, sexuality has a charge – it can stir the emotional pot and bring up a lot for people – even just hearing the name Sex Camp – many immediately want to run -which is totally okay, but this is exactly why we are putting this on and we encourage, that if you are drawn to this event, take the leap and come, fears and all – everything is welcome and this weekend will be something special. Although we can’t predict and control everything when it comes to human beings and sexuality – we are doing all we can to create a safe, nurturing and solid container for Sex Camp, that allows all emotions and expressions to be healthily expressed and experienced throughout the weekend.

Friday night opening is compulsory for all presenters and attendees – we are all in this together and we will have various activities and experiences set up, to get us all on the same page on how to be together and create a container for the weekend, there is likely to be many of us with nerves or concerns and we want friday night to really relax everyone and enter into the journey together.

We will have quiet, intentionally set spaces for people to go when they need some alone or processing time – we will have qualified counsellors around for support as well as a little crew of ESP’s (emotional support people) who can be there for you if you need them and will be checking in with people.

But Sex Camp is also about fun, playfulness and joy! – Remember – every workshop, exercise, conversation, experience is OPTIONAL and completely up to you – you do not have to do anything you don’t feel like doing – we encourage the healthy exploration of your own boundaries, but ultimately the choice is yours and this will be honored and we ask you honor this in your fellow campers as well. Sex Camp supports the empowerment of self responsibility and holds the intention for integrity, love and respect for each other and ourselves.

We went to check out the site where sex camp will be held today!

It is looking so lush and gorgeous – so many beautiful spaces for workshops, discussions and experiences!

Gorgeous little rooms to stay in, quiet indoor spaces for reflection and beautiful camping ground and natural surrounds. If you feel called to help with setting up some of the spaces before and after the weekend please let us know!

Sign Me Up!

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