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Workshop Description:

Deeper Orgasm for Women

……a sensual journey into our bodies!

“Every moment is an orgasmic possibility”

All women are gifted with incredible bodies designed for deep pleasure, transformation and creativity.
This is not coincidental or cute, this is profoundly important!

Through Qi-­‐gong, yoga, sound, breath and relaxation we will gently dive into our bodies deeper and deeper, encouraging our unique energy, re-­‐connecting and/or enhancing our life-­‐force, our pleasure.

Softening into our feminine essence, cultivating and knowing the powerful energy that moves through our bodies is to awaken to who we truly
are and what magnificent qualities we bring to the planet…… to be comfortable with our sexuality, sensuality, to breathe into our spaciousness……to honour our  body wisdom is an essential part of being a women.

This session is designed for all women of all orgasmic experience.

Presenter Bio:

Cyd Saunders

I am currently teaching weekly ‘Deeper Orgasm’ classes for women in the Byron Shire.

I’m a visual artist, my focus is on Erotic Bedroom Art, painting canvases specifically for private clients. (cydART).

I am the mother of 2 beautifu boys and am in relationship with their father. I am mentored by Shantam Nityama. Creatively mentored by Zom Osborne. I have studied Ki Yoga (based on Ryoho Japanese Yoga). I have studied Tai Chi and Qi Gong under Master Sam Li (Sydney). I am an Urban Tantra grauate (Barbara Carrellas).

“Choosing to walk my orgasmic landscape has been a full journey and one that continues daily. From not being able to orgasm to floating in the most exquisite orgasmic realms. My orgasm is my teacher, she has shone the light on some very hidden and painful parts of me as she has shown me what a glorious woman I am. As a mum and partner and part of a beautiful community I am continually making the choice to bring my sex energy into my daily life.”

Workshop Description:

Sensuality in Contact Improvisation

Contact Improvisation is a contemporary dance form based on physical sensation and listening through the body. In this workshop participants will be invited to explore different types of touch, shared weight, practice leading and following, releasing, connecting with our centre, following our physical intuition, surfing the unfolding dance and inviting sensuality. What is the difference between sexuality and sensuality? Do they feel different? Where do they meet? This will be an experiential workshop conducted in a safe environment. Expanding our consciousness, awareness and the senses will inspire and nourish the dance opening us up to a richer and more fully experienced life.

Presenter Bio:

Jonno Katz

Jonno is a film and theatre artist with a background in dance and psychology. He has run workshops and classes in contact improvisation, physically devised theatre, clowning, buffont (theatre of the grotesque) and improvisation. As a facillitator and creator he likes to employ Feldenkrais ideas of learning through curiosity and experimentation and has a lot of experience opening people up to creative processes. He has lived in many parts of the world and studied under some truly master teachers in the areas of yoga, capoeira, theatre and contact improvisation. At the moment he is living in Melbourne, studying at the VCA. You can find out more about him on his website.

Presenter Website:

Workshop Description:

Genital Show and Tell (Women only)

A female only workshop based on one component of Betty Dodson’s BodySex groups. Many women struggle with negative feelings towards their vulva, even those who are enjoying an active and vigorous sex life. Many women fear they have deformities and abnormalities simply because they have never seen other women’s vulvas or have only seen the surgically altered and bleached vulvas from mainstream pornography. This component of the workshop focuses on this common area of distress and acquaints women with the many beautiful and varied appearances of adult female vulvas. In this workshop there will be a group share where participants will discuss with the group how they feel about their bodies and their sexualities. This share will then be followed by a genital show and tell where participants will show and see the vulvas with the group and will discuss their clitoris both internal and external, inner and outer labia, pelvic muscles, urethra and vaginal opening.

Presenter Bio:

Liandra Dahl

Liandra Dahl began working within the field of sexuality in 2004 when she participated in an online project exploring female masturbation and orgasm. Liandra now produces, films, edits, codes, blogs and performs on her own reality sex web project, a pansexual exploration of sexuality. The ethos of her site is to counteract the effects of the contrived presentation of bodies and sex acts in mainstream porn on sexuality. Her website shows masturbation, real orgasms, real sex, between real couples of all genders and sexualities and other indirect sexual activities. These additional extras include fetishes, erotic reading, a comic book, a community forum interviews and more. In 2011 Liandra went to New York City to participate in Betty Dodson’s (PhD sexologist, acclaimed author and sexuality coach) BodySex Work Shop Documentary.

Presenter website:

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