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Workshop Description:

An Introduction to Anal Sex

Out of the closet and into our lives, anal sex is a hot topic for the 21st century. Many are talking about it, everyone is curious about it, and more than you probably realise have done it and loved it!  Maybe you’ve tried it and hated it, maybe you’ve tried it and loved it, maybe you’ve tried it and wondered what all the fuss was about, or maybe you’re brand new and wanting to know more. This workshop provides  an intro to anal sex for all genders, from givers to receivers and covers anal anatomy, health and pleasure. We’ll also examine some of the myths and legends about anal sex and work out what’s true and what’s not. We’ll cover the tips on doing anal properly and how to avoid the pitfalls as well as exploring the accessories to enhance anal pleasure.

Presenter Bio:

Cyndi Darnell

I have always been a pleasure enthusiast. For as far back as I can remember, my fascination with pleasure and sexuality has been part of my identity. Having travelled the world extensively in my 20s in the pursuit of self-knowledge and then my 30s exploring more introspective wonders and delights, I have come to embrace the understanding that sexuality and pleasure is not something separate from our lives, but part of our lives as a pathway to genuine wholeness, contentment and wellbeing.

My pursuit of quality sex-knowledge has led me down a variety of avenues to get the expert and diverse know-how I have today. From the dedicated hands on approach I took during the 1990s through workshops, seminars (including Sexological Bodywork and contemprary Tantra with Barbara Carrellas) and good old fashioned trial and error; through to the academic and clinical studies I have completed in the 2000s in both general counselling and specialist clinical sex therapy, I am thrilled to be able to bridge the world of Sexology from a variety of perspectives and approaches that embrace, understand and challenge the diversity of human sexuality.

I am also the founder and creator of Pleasure Salon Melbourne, a monthy adult to adult sex education program where the emphasis is on pleasure and practical education, not sleaze and clinical theory. More recently my educational and therapeutic skills have been heard on Australia’s Triple J radio program The Hack for Sex Week, as well as working with Australia’s most outspoken darling, Catherine Deveny, on a series of free-to-air educational podcasts about sex, pleasure and the human condition. I am a mentor for the Minus 18 Sex Gurus, a queer sex and health project for young queer identifying and gender questioning people.

Presenter Website:

Workshop Description:

Dynamic Kink – Making Space for Conscious Play

A workshop designed to explore the setting of context for a deep and conscious experience in Dominant submissive play.  I will be discussing principles of energy exchange and relationship dynamic.

The most important aspect of a successful play session is the negotiation that sets the environment.  Some of the points covered are the basis of relationship, the desires of both players, an agreement of safe words, and the atmosphere created by the mutual participation of whoever is involved.

I will be addressing these concepts utilising both presentation and exercises that will allow participants to personally explore the ideas contained within the workshop.

Presenter Bio:

Philip C Gordon

Phillip C Gordon has a history in the performing arts and film mediums for over the past 35 years.  As an actor, teacher, writer and director he has explored the various crafts that make a truthful piece of drama lift off the page and become real for an audience.  As Phillip investigated the fundamental principles of drama he was directed, by virtue of this exploration, toward the study of humanity. Since 1995 Phillip has been working with people as a personal mentor, facilitating workshops and delivering seminars in personal development.   The basis of Phillips work is creating the space for people to become more conscious and awake to the whole of themselves and the world around them, to provide an experience and tools to enable people to live a life of deep pleasure.  Phillips sexual life has been defined by a sense of discovery and adventure, both in the world of kink and energy work.  Integrating the world of kink and sexuality with his life’s work Phillip has developed a practise that is available to clients for individual, couple or group sessions. What characterises his life and work is an unapologetic pursuit of deep pleasure and the desire to live a conscious life.

Presenter Websit:

Workshop Description:

The Yoga of Intimacy

“From the day we are born, we communicate without language.” (Stephen Levine)

“We are all affecting the world every moment, whether we mean to or not. Our actions and states of mind matter, because we are so deeply interconnected with one another.” (Ram Dass)

We live in a culture that devalues our full natural capacity for feeling-based intimacy. Most of the emphasis is projected into primary romantic relationship and direct active sexual contact. Guilt and shame are imposed on those who seek their own truth about what intimacy is outside the cookie-cutter mold.

The Yoga of Intimacy is a fun and (for some) gently challenging Neo-Tantra/Conscious Relating workshop, drawing on Yogic & Authentic Relating practices, improvisation games, and various humanistic therapies. Participants explore authenticity & resonance in pairs and small group practices.

(Plus integration/debrief opportunities to share and reflect on – rather than analyse – what you notice/learn.)

Intimacy in this context means: closeness, authenticity & the investigation of connection. Respectful and heart-connected connection can be purely & simply a natural part of our human experience, with tremendous psychological and physical health benefits. And how we express that can be through many different heart-connected ways.

This event is an exploration of resonance at the subtle, and often playful, ‘Yin’ level. Reclaiming our energetic relational selves in a society that trains us to work almost completely in the realms of the

‘Yang’ energies.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will I be connecting with people sexually in practices?
- Whilst there will be opportunities for conscious touch at this event, this is not a directly-sexual workshop. No physical sexual contact is required. No exercises are compulsory, and all can be adapted to suit the level of connection/expression you feel comfortable with whomever you are partnered with. Sexual energy might arise between you and someone of course, as that’s part of the human intimate experience.

As it’s a Neo-Tantra event are all the exercises in M/F pairs?
- When we run this work formally, we balance genders fairly closely so as to work mainly with natural M/F resonance. At festivals/gatherings we will sometimes recommend M/F pairings in practices, but people are free to mix and match as they feel. All exercises can be adapted to suit the level and type of intimacy you feel available to with whoever you are working with.

How is this workshop about sex?
-Its about knowing yourself and your authentic subtle feeling-based interactions (internal & external) and attractions more authentically. For many people this is crucial to all intimacy, including sexual intimacy.


Presenter Bios:


His core training is in Transpersonal & Expressive Therapies, and he is a current student of Transformational Therapy. He has immersed himself in Neo-Tantra and Ecstatic Dance since 1999. Since early 2009 he has also been designing and facilitating Menswork & Conscious Relating workshops.


A Yoga & Meditation Teacher with over ten years experience, a Massage Therapist, Stretch Teacher and co-creator/designer of the Spiritual Speed Dating events. She has been co-facilitating Conscious Relating events with Arven throughout 2011.

Presenters Website:

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