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Workshop Description:

An Introduction to Anal Sex

Out of the closet and into our lives, anal sex is a hot topic for the 21st century. Many are talking about it, everyone is curious about it, and more than you probably realise have done it and loved it!  Maybe you’ve tried it and hated it, maybe you’ve tried it and loved it, maybe you’ve tried it and wondered what all the fuss was about, or maybe you’re brand new and wanting to know more. This workshop provides  an intro to anal sex for all genders, from givers to receivers and covers anal anatomy, health and pleasure. We’ll also examine some of the myths and legends about anal sex and work out what’s true and what’s not. We’ll cover the tips on doing anal properly and how to avoid the pitfalls as well as exploring the accessories to enhance anal pleasure.

Presenter Bio:

Cyndi Darnell

I have always been a pleasure enthusiast. For as far back as I can remember, my fascination with pleasure and sexuality has been part of my identity. Having travelled the world extensively in my 20s in the pursuit of self-knowledge and then my 30s exploring more introspective wonders and delights, I have come to embrace the understanding that sexuality and pleasure is not something separate from our lives, but part of our lives as a pathway to genuine wholeness, contentment and wellbeing.

My pursuit of quality sex-knowledge has led me down a variety of avenues to get the expert and diverse know-how I have today. From the dedicated hands on approach I took during the 1990s through workshops, seminars (including Sexological Bodywork and contemprary Tantra with Barbara Carrellas) and good old fashioned trial and error; through to the academic and clinical studies I have completed in the 2000s in both general counselling and specialist clinical sex therapy, I am thrilled to be able to bridge the world of Sexology from a variety of perspectives and approaches that embrace, understand and challenge the diversity of human sexuality.

I am also the founder and creator of Pleasure Salon Melbourne, a monthy adult to adult sex education program where the emphasis is on pleasure and practical education, not sleaze and clinical theory. More recently my educational and therapeutic skills have been heard on Australia’s Triple J radio program The Hack for Sex Week, as well as working with Australia’s most outspoken darling, Catherine Deveny, on a series of free-to-air educational podcasts about sex, pleasure and the human condition. I am a mentor for the Minus 18 Sex Gurus, a queer sex and health project for young queer identifying and gender questioning people.

Presenter Website:

Workshop Description:

Healing Sexuality

An Open Forum for Men and Women to Discuss those Seldom Talked About Elements of Sexuality and Healing Sexual Illness

For anyone who has ever experienced a sexual illness or infection and been engaged in what feels like open warfare with an overly active sexually transmitted illness or infection for some time, sometimes achieving a deeper connection with our sexuality and our true nature can begin to feel like an impossibility amidst the pain and impact of sexual illness on sexual functionality, our perception of ourselves and our relationships.

Yet the truth remains that it IS possible to clear such sexual roadblocks from our experience and that is exactly what this healing workshop for men and women is all about.

It is a safe, deeply loving, space in which you can talk openly about your experience of sexual illness and ask those scary questions you’ve been looking for an opportunity to ask, while being lovingly supported by others who have travelled a similar journey. In this space, you will also be able to explore the underlying beliefs, patterning and past emotional, physical and spiritual trauma which may be contributing to the active sexual illness. You will also have the opportunity to connect with ongoing professional support in the form of counselling and energy work that may greatly accelerate your individual healing process going forward.  A group meditation for forming individual healing and release intentions and some basic energy work will also form a part of our healing work together and there will be the opportunity to continue the work begun in this workshop in an ongoing monthly support group if desired.

Strict standards of confidentiality are assured around participation.

Presenter Bio:

Nat Ferrier

Nat Ferrier is a qualified Counsellor and Reiki Practitioner, who completed a major in Microbiology (incorporating Virology and Epidemiology) during her Science Degree and has several years experience in providing Counselling and Case Management in government and agency settings as well as in Private Practice. She regularly facilitates support groups and workshops in women’s wellbeing and sexual health.

She also privately counsels and coaches people around sexual illness, dysfunction and associated sexuality and core issues, assisting them to address and heal wounds of the past as well as create a more empowered, loving and positive perception of their own sexuality and connect more deeply with their true nature. She incorporates Art Therapy, Intuitive Energy Work, Holistic, Person-Centred and Solution Focused Counselling techniques, Meditation, Reiki, Sound Healing and a great deal of love and good humour into her private session and group work.

Nat has a reputation for creating safe healing spaces in which profound change and transformation are possible and new perspective is inevitable.  She is deeply committed to openly promoting a non-judgemental and profoundly loving and positive way of viewing sexual illness as an essential part of the evolution of consciousness that humanity is presently experiencing.

Workshop Description:

Occupy Your Arsehole

An introduction and exploration into the bottom end of the business.  For people who want to include the anal area in their sensuality and eroticism.

  • Replace negative emotions and beliefs about the anus
  • Reduce or eliminate chronic anal tension
  • Enjoy anal stimulation and promote anal wellness – simultaneously.

In this era of sexual exploration our attitudes toward anal sexuality are still, to a large extent, governed by the phenomenon of taboo.  Taboo is a form of psycho-sexual control more potent than the most rigid moral code or threatening law.  What would happen if you freed your arse could you potentially free yourself or perhaps even completely occupy yourself.

Presenter Bio:

Liana Gailand

Liana Gailand is the organizer and promoter of Sexological Bodywork Professional Training and her intention to bring this profession to Australia.  Liana is also the certified trainer for BondassageTM here in Australia which is an invitation to explore sensory deprivation as a path for deep relaxation.  Liana has also worked extensively with sexual polarity teachings such as David Deida and Theun Mares.  She has also had a long-term practice of sacred women’s work with teachers such as Anna Davidovich and Sofia Diaz.  Liana has also studied extensively with brilliant somatic teachers such as Chester Mainard and Ellen Heed.

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