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Workshop Description:

Dynamic Kink – Making Space for Conscious Play

A workshop designed to explore the setting of context for a deep and conscious experience in Dominant submissive play.  I will be discussing principles of energy exchange and relationship dynamic.

The most important aspect of a successful play session is the negotiation that sets the environment.  Some of the points covered are the basis of relationship, the desires of both players, an agreement of safe words, and the atmosphere created by the mutual participation of whoever is involved.

I will be addressing these concepts utilising both presentation and exercises that will allow participants to personally explore the ideas contained within the workshop.

Presenter Bio:

Philip C Gordon

Phillip C Gordon has a history in the performing arts and film mediums for over the past 35 years.  As an actor, teacher, writer and director he has explored the various crafts that make a truthful piece of drama lift off the page and become real for an audience.  As Phillip investigated the fundamental principles of drama he was directed, by virtue of this exploration, toward the study of humanity. Since 1995 Phillip has been working with people as a personal mentor, facilitating workshops and delivering seminars in personal development.   The basis of Phillips work is creating the space for people to become more conscious and awake to the whole of themselves and the world around them, to provide an experience and tools to enable people to live a life of deep pleasure.  Phillips sexual life has been defined by a sense of discovery and adventure, both in the world of kink and energy work.  Integrating the world of kink and sexuality with his life’s work Phillip has developed a practise that is available to clients for individual, couple or group sessions. What characterises his life and work is an unapologetic pursuit of deep pleasure and the desire to live a conscious life.

Presenter Websit:

Workshop Description:

Mr and Mrs Palmer, The Adventures of Self Pleasuring.

Our pathways of pleasure are begun in the womb. If we were left to our own devices to just explore, enjoy and understand, maybe life would be different. BUT, we weren’t. We were shaped, mostly by what is outside of us, creating feelings that may well be in your way to sexual sovereignty. We were not born with this feeling that there is something “wrong” with being sexual/sensual beings. As adults we can come to a place where we give ourselves permission, hopefully, to explore beyond the bounds of cultural sanction. In that, I invite you to give yourself permission to speak, to share, to explore the realm of masturbation… or as I choose to call the experience, Self Pleasuring.

Self Pleasuring has long been dismissed at best, or demonised at worst. Rare is the position of development that can come from the practice of conscious applied healing masturbation to our sexual beings. I have created a number of tools, Self Pleasuring Adventures, a set for him and her, to be used alone or with others to that end. Working with proven guided visualisation techniques and a strong use of sound, these tools may well be a key to open that deep treasure within.

Presenter Bio:

Katherine Cunningham

I have been stalking the core meaning of the menstrual experience for many many years, in this quest I have had many a beautiful jewel of understanding arrive in my being, whole, like a fractal sprial, unfolding stronger the deeper I look.

This body of work is one of these jewels.

Presenters website:

Shane Light

Shane Light is a man of many talents, travelling many landscapes. A photographer in passion, the black and white nude a core expression at present. Shane has explored what truly turns him on. Working and playing with Katherine has been both joy and a challenge, one worth taking.

To taste Shane’s photographs goto…

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