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Workshop Description:

Ejaculation control and how to last longer – For Men.

Statistics show us that the average male lasts for 5-10 minutes from the moment of penetration to ejaculation. However, ejaculation and orgasm are two separate functions, and orgasms can be experienced in many ways, durations, and intensity levels.

In this lecture you will learn the techniques that will allow you to experience these states, to become a multi orgasmic man, and pleasure your partner for hours.

Delaying or even reducing your ejaculation also benefits your health, vitality, mental clarity, and allows you to be more empowered in your daily life.

And lastly, we will present a special rarely discussed aspect which is what your partner can do to help you last longer.


Presenter Bio:


Eyal has been studying and practicing various forms of tantra, sexuality, yoga and meditation for 12 years. He is known for his intensity, integrity, strong presence and grounded approach, you will be left inspired and blown away with his real life stories and experiences. With extensive knowledge and years of experience he is now travelling the world offering consultations, sessions and workshops for individuals, couples and large groups. Eyal is working with women on resolving sexual trauma and expanding their orgasmic potential, with men on becoming more conscious and present as well as better lovers, and helps couples get to new levels of intimacy and connection.

His mission is to empower others to fully express their sexuality and masculine/feminine essence, and to turn sex into love making and love making into spiritual practice. He believes tantra and sacred sexuality should be accessible and available for everyone. Eyal is the real deal.

Workshop Description:

Conscious Kink: Spanking , Breath & Ecstatic Trance

This is part presentation and part participatory workshop.

Part One:  An exploration of consciously using our kinks, including (but not limited to) BDSM, for deep personal pleasure, self exploration, ecstatic trance, personal  insight and transformation, spiritual connection and intimacy with our loved ones.

Part Two: We will put theory to practice by consciously exploring the use of breathwork, presence and spanking  for ecstatic trance in a fun and respectful way.  Across time and cultures, people have used intense sensation and pleasurable bodywork to enter into states of consciousness where the ego is no longer in the driver’s seat and another part of us comes to the fore.  This can be a state of surrender, heart opening and erotic pleasure that opens us to perspectives and deep inner knowledge normally blocked by our egos.  It can be deeply intimate between participants.  Conscious spanking is an excellent tool to achieve this.  Not to mention that it’s an awful lot of fun and it can be HOT! which is a good enough reason if you ask me.

All participants will have full control over what they choose to give and receive in this section of the workshop and safe words will be in place.  You will not be forced go beyond the level of sensation (if any) you consent to.  Attendees MUST be at the first half of the workshop in order to participate in the ecstatic spanking.

Presenter Bio:

Avika de Vine

I  am an educator and practitioner of the Conscious Erotic Arts including, but not limited to Conscious Kink.  Amongst other things I also work consciously as a professional Dominatrix/switch, erotic masseur and erotic playmate/companion.  In short, I am a sex worker.  I am sex therapist, educator and lover at different times depending on what role is appropriate.  I work with people who would like to explore and expand their ability to experience and facilitate deeper erotic pleasure through group and one on one sessions.  I help people uncover and express their own unique erotic wiring separate from social norms, external and internalised expectations and other unhealthy sources of shame to create a full and vibrant erotic life.  I also create and share erotic pleasure just for the mutual delight of it. All areas of my work are centred in the conscious exploration of sexuality in integrity, respect and authenticity.

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