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Workshop description:

Newaza, or the so-called “caressing style” of Japanese rope tying, is performed primarily on the floor. Rope transfers energy between partners in a unique way, and the newaza style attempts to use this transfer of energy to create a deep, intimate connection between partners using the rope as a means of communication.

In newaza, the end goal is to move the mind of both partners into experiencing purely in the moment, meaning that the smallest touch or manipulation of the rope has a major impact. Both sensual and erotic, as well as meditative, newaza has a multitude of dimensions from dominance and submission, through to the establishment of a deeper understanding of the desires of one’s partner.

The workshop will focus on the basics of newaza, and using rope as a means of communication. Some simple ties will be taught, but the focus of the workshop will be on using rope to connect with your partner.

The workshop is open to anyone interested in learning to communicate through rope. It is essential that people come with a partner, and that they are comfortable with each other in giving and receiving intimacy while tying.

Scott & Amy

Presenters’ bio:

Scott is one of the leading practitioners and teachers of shibari and kinbaku outside of Japan. Scott has taken a nine-year journey studying Japanese rope bondage techniques, culminating in the establishment of the Melbourne Rope Dojo in 2011. The dojo has grown from a few students to a large group of regular attendees, as well as many more students who have attended to grasp the basics of shibari so that they can apply their learning in a number of ways. Scott works with students to both sharpen their technical abilities in the intricate art of shibari, as well as exploring how students can use rope to convey and understand intimacy, desire and connection.

Amy is an experienced shibari model, having performed in Australia and Japan. She has enjoyed exploring both the sensual and spiritual aspects of rope, along with the body awareness that rope can produce.

Workshop Description

Tantra for Ecstatic Living

Based in neo-tantra with a grounding in classical tantra we will be introducing some key tantric concepts. We will look at some basic exercises for building sexual energy, retaining that energy in the body and learning how to refine and circulate it.

Using tantric breathwork and other embodiment practices we look at ways of relaxing the body, letting go of restrictions and creating space for expansion and greater connection to self and others. We will be sharing a mix of individual, partner and group exercises. We look at ways of building sexual energy in the body and learning how to use that energy for greater pleasure, healing and transformation.

This workshop will be fun, interactive and experiential, with lots of exercises focusing on opening our hearts to achieve greater intimacy and connection. We welcome everyone to come and join us and we strongly encourage individuals to honour their own boundaries. There is no nudity and all exercises are optional.

Tantra may open you up to new ways of sexual exploration in your own life.

Presenter Bios:

Sean & Cat


I have been practicing tantric yoga and meditation for over twenty years and have been studying Tantra and Sacred Sexuality intensively for the last five. My yogic and tantric practice has opened me to the awareness, understanding, presence and compassion required for supporting others. I have also been initiated into the Mankind Project, and sit in circle regularly with my fellow brothers holding space and supporting each other on our journey of healing and self- discovery.

I currently work as a Tantric Healer, Bodyworker, and Sexuality and Intimacy Coach. I am passionate about my life’s work and am currently studying Transpersonal Counselling at Phoenix Institute to gain greater skills in serving the unique needs of each individual.


I have been on an intense tantric journey for the past few years, which has cracked my heart open to new levels of being, creating space for healing of deep wounding. This exploration has opened me up to deeper levels of awareness, inspiring me to guide people to explore their own edges and get in touch with their unique essence.

I am a qualified Tantra Teacher and have ten years of experience working in holistic therapies, including shiatsu, various massage modalities and naturopathy. I have been channelling my boundless energy into my work as a Tantric Therapist and Sexuality & Intimacy Coach. My passion lies in helping people open to deeper aspects of their being, and allowing a healthy embodiment of their sexuality without shame or guilt.


Together we offer private sessions with individuals and couples, and also facilitate tantra workshops. Our passion is in working with couples and guiding each individual to relate with themselves and each other in a more loving, honouring, conscious way.

Our vision is to live in a sex positive world, where each individual feels fully empowered to live to their full potential as a sexual being.

We understand that our true authentic power has its roots in our sexuality and that this power has been repressed due to thousands of years of societal and cultural shaming. We are passionate about empowering individuals to live to their full potential as spiritual sexual beings. Through tantric teachings and practices we help individuals to reconnect to their own authentic sexual power, allowing their energy to move more freely through their bodies, creating a more healthy vibrant way of being. By connecting our sexuality with our hearts and spirituality, we can live a life of bliss, harmony, intimacy and greater connection with our own innate divine nature.

Workshop Description:

Friday Night Cuddle Party

A cuddle party on the Friday evening is the perfect gentle, safe, supportive introduction to the weekend – sweet, intimate, surprisingly powerful – a great way to meet, connect with each other  and explore communication and boundaries .

Cuddle Party is a beautiful lighthearted loving event that is supportive, nurturing, innocent and pure at heart. A perfect gentle introduction to the weekend together. Cuddle Parties are sweet, intimate, surprisingly powerful.

A safe place for you to enjoy & empower yourself whilst gently and safely pushing your ‘comfort zone’ boundaries to explore your intimate self.

As human beings we not only have a deep desire to ….but an innate need for affection, intimacy and most of all connection that stems right back to childhood.

It is here at Cuddle Party that we recreate that child like state by facilitating a safe container to enjoy the purest forms of affection & connection towards one another with out sexualising it.

For some reason we have learnt socially and culturally (especially in Western Culture) that being loving towards, affectionate and/or intimate with one another as being sexualised creating mixed messages of sexual attraction. Which in parcel, trigger many forms of inherent and/or learnt fears, concerns, anxieties, insecurities etc.

At Cuddle Party you will learn how to take complete responsibility for your self via open & clear communication skills. You will be respected and will respect one another regardless of your current disposition. You will learn how to communicate more succinctly & specifically about your own personal needs.

All of which is founded by the Cuddle Party guidelines (aka rules) which bring together a relative set of like-minded strangers ‘all on the same page’, to very quickly become not so strange towards one another.

Certainly a joyous event you will never forget where both tears and laughter are welcomed.

Presenter Bio:

Maruś Wegrzyn

Maruś Wegrzyn, Founder and Coach of Love Life, has been a leader and visionary in the field of exploring self and sensuality for over ten years. The Love Life foundation fuses various healing paths including Cuddle Party Australia, Love Life Coaching and Sensual Healing, providing an integrated and holistic experience for those seeking reconnection to their own personal power within. He is a catalyst that inspires his clients to a state of conscious awareness that allows the celebration of life.

Maruś is a respected and sought after practitioner across Australia as well as a mentor for sex educators, instructors and coaches. He was also the creator of the First Annual Australasian Sexual Healer’s Conference in 2009, which led to the establishment of the prestigious Sex and Consciousness Conference, attended by international leaders in the field today.


Workshop Description:

Conscious Kink: Spanking , Breath & Ecstatic Trance

This is part presentation and part participatory workshop.

Part One:  An exploration of consciously using our kinks, including (but not limited to) BDSM, for deep personal pleasure, self exploration, ecstatic trance, personal  insight and transformation, spiritual connection and intimacy with our loved ones.

Part Two: We will put theory to practice by consciously exploring the use of breathwork, presence and spanking  for ecstatic trance in a fun and respectful way.  Across time and cultures, people have used intense sensation and pleasurable bodywork to enter into states of consciousness where the ego is no longer in the driver’s seat and another part of us comes to the fore.  This can be a state of surrender, heart opening and erotic pleasure that opens us to perspectives and deep inner knowledge normally blocked by our egos.  It can be deeply intimate between participants.  Conscious spanking is an excellent tool to achieve this.  Not to mention that it’s an awful lot of fun and it can be HOT! which is a good enough reason if you ask me.

All participants will have full control over what they choose to give and receive in this section of the workshop and safe words will be in place.  You will not be forced go beyond the level of sensation (if any) you consent to.  Attendees MUST be at the first half of the workshop in order to participate in the ecstatic spanking.

Presenter Bio:

Avika de Vine

I  am an educator and practitioner of the Conscious Erotic Arts including, but not limited to Conscious Kink.  Amongst other things I also work consciously as a professional Dominatrix/switch, erotic masseur and erotic playmate/companion.  In short, I am a sex worker.  I am sex therapist, educator and lover at different times depending on what role is appropriate.  I work with people who would like to explore and expand their ability to experience and facilitate deeper erotic pleasure through group and one on one sessions.  I help people uncover and express their own unique erotic wiring separate from social norms, external and internalised expectations and other unhealthy sources of shame to create a full and vibrant erotic life.  I also create and share erotic pleasure just for the mutual delight of it. All areas of my work are centred in the conscious exploration of sexuality in integrity, respect and authenticity.

Workshop Description:

The Yoga of Intimacy

“From the day we are born, we communicate without language.” (Stephen Levine)

“We are all affecting the world every moment, whether we mean to or not. Our actions and states of mind matter, because we are so deeply interconnected with one another.” (Ram Dass)

We live in a culture that devalues our full natural capacity for feeling-based intimacy. Most of the emphasis is projected into primary romantic relationship and direct active sexual contact. Guilt and shame are imposed on those who seek their own truth about what intimacy is outside the cookie-cutter mold.

The Yoga of Intimacy is a fun and (for some) gently challenging Neo-Tantra/Conscious Relating workshop, drawing on Yogic & Authentic Relating practices, improvisation games, and various humanistic therapies. Participants explore authenticity & resonance in pairs and small group practices.

(Plus integration/debrief opportunities to share and reflect on – rather than analyse – what you notice/learn.)

Intimacy in this context means: closeness, authenticity & the investigation of connection. Respectful and heart-connected connection can be purely & simply a natural part of our human experience, with tremendous psychological and physical health benefits. And how we express that can be through many different heart-connected ways.

This event is an exploration of resonance at the subtle, and often playful, ‘Yin’ level. Reclaiming our energetic relational selves in a society that trains us to work almost completely in the realms of the

‘Yang’ energies.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will I be connecting with people sexually in practices?
- Whilst there will be opportunities for conscious touch at this event, this is not a directly-sexual workshop. No physical sexual contact is required. No exercises are compulsory, and all can be adapted to suit the level of connection/expression you feel comfortable with whomever you are partnered with. Sexual energy might arise between you and someone of course, as that’s part of the human intimate experience.

As it’s a Neo-Tantra event are all the exercises in M/F pairs?
- When we run this work formally, we balance genders fairly closely so as to work mainly with natural M/F resonance. At festivals/gatherings we will sometimes recommend M/F pairings in practices, but people are free to mix and match as they feel. All exercises can be adapted to suit the level and type of intimacy you feel available to with whoever you are working with.

How is this workshop about sex?
-Its about knowing yourself and your authentic subtle feeling-based interactions (internal & external) and attractions more authentically. For many people this is crucial to all intimacy, including sexual intimacy.


Presenter Bios:


His core training is in Transpersonal & Expressive Therapies, and he is a current student of Transformational Therapy. He has immersed himself in Neo-Tantra and Ecstatic Dance since 1999. Since early 2009 he has also been designing and facilitating Menswork & Conscious Relating workshops.


A Yoga & Meditation Teacher with over ten years experience, a Massage Therapist, Stretch Teacher and co-creator/designer of the Spiritual Speed Dating events. She has been co-facilitating Conscious Relating events with Arven throughout 2011.

Presenters Website:

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