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Workshop Description:

Sensation Play – Exploring the Senses

“To take away one sense, enhances the others, to deprive you of two of more in one form or another may lead you pleasantly astray…….”

Sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch are every day actions that many of us take for granted with out even thinking of the sensations they actually trigger within the mind, body and soul.

During this workshop we are going to explore each sense individually with the technique of enhancing and depriving the senses and how it can be used as a light introduction to kink play scenarios.

To feel the essence of sensation play this workshop will involve audience participation with guidance from Electra, giving you the opportunity to explore the realms of sensation play.

Presenter Bio:

Electra Amore: Intense – Sensual – Domination describes my style.  As a renowned Professional Dominatrix, I lead the way in the Australian professional fetish scene as an established and respected senior Mistress.

Dedicating 17 years to exploring the realms of BDSM, fetish, fantasy, kink and role- playing, I excel in the finer art of sensation play.  From the light and soft side to the more extreme forms of play, I am known for my full body cocooning utilizing an assortment of mediums to enhancing and depriving the senses

Goddess Gabrielle -  has Dominated Adelaide’s professional scene for over a decade, titillating sensations with her supreme dungeon creations that evoke all the senses, mix in the physical sensation of her expertise in sensory over load, she has a trail of dedicated sensation sluts begging for attention.

Together we govern The Fetish Palace, Adelaide’s professional fetish establishment. Training the next generation of professional fetish providers with an iron fist and a wealth of knowledge.  While expelling our charm on our devoted subjects, exerting our feminine prowess., with an air of dominance, grace and elegance..


Workshop Description:

Sensuality in Contact Improvisation

Contact Improvisation is a contemporary dance form based on physical sensation and listening through the body. In this workshop participants will be invited to explore different types of touch, shared weight, practice leading and following, releasing, connecting with our centre, following our physical intuition, surfing the unfolding dance and inviting sensuality. What is the difference between sexuality and sensuality? Do they feel different? Where do they meet? This will be an experiential workshop conducted in a safe environment. Expanding our consciousness, awareness and the senses will inspire and nourish the dance opening us up to a richer and more fully experienced life.

Presenter Bio:

Jonno Katz

Jonno is a film and theatre artist with a background in dance and psychology. He has run workshops and classes in contact improvisation, physically devised theatre, clowning, buffont (theatre of the grotesque) and improvisation. As a facillitator and creator he likes to employ Feldenkrais ideas of learning through curiosity and experimentation and has a lot of experience opening people up to creative processes. He has lived in many parts of the world and studied under some truly master teachers in the areas of yoga, capoeira, theatre and contact improvisation. At the moment he is living in Melbourne, studying at the VCA. You can find out more about him on his website.

Presenter Website:

Workshop Description:

Conscious Kink: Spanking , Breath & Ecstatic Trance

This is part presentation and part participatory workshop.

Part One:  An exploration of consciously using our kinks, including (but not limited to) BDSM, for deep personal pleasure, self exploration, ecstatic trance, personal  insight and transformation, spiritual connection and intimacy with our loved ones.

Part Two: We will put theory to practice by consciously exploring the use of breathwork, presence and spanking  for ecstatic trance in a fun and respectful way.  Across time and cultures, people have used intense sensation and pleasurable bodywork to enter into states of consciousness where the ego is no longer in the driver’s seat and another part of us comes to the fore.  This can be a state of surrender, heart opening and erotic pleasure that opens us to perspectives and deep inner knowledge normally blocked by our egos.  It can be deeply intimate between participants.  Conscious spanking is an excellent tool to achieve this.  Not to mention that it’s an awful lot of fun and it can be HOT! which is a good enough reason if you ask me.

All participants will have full control over what they choose to give and receive in this section of the workshop and safe words will be in place.  You will not be forced go beyond the level of sensation (if any) you consent to.  Attendees MUST be at the first half of the workshop in order to participate in the ecstatic spanking.

Presenter Bio:

Avika de Vine

I  am an educator and practitioner of the Conscious Erotic Arts including, but not limited to Conscious Kink.  Amongst other things I also work consciously as a professional Dominatrix/switch, erotic masseur and erotic playmate/companion.  In short, I am a sex worker.  I am sex therapist, educator and lover at different times depending on what role is appropriate.  I work with people who would like to explore and expand their ability to experience and facilitate deeper erotic pleasure through group and one on one sessions.  I help people uncover and express their own unique erotic wiring separate from social norms, external and internalised expectations and other unhealthy sources of shame to create a full and vibrant erotic life.  I also create and share erotic pleasure just for the mutual delight of it. All areas of my work are centred in the conscious exploration of sexuality in integrity, respect and authenticity.

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